Skilled Trades Migration & JOB Program

100% Success program for PR Visa & JOB to AUSTRALIA / CANADA / NEW ZEALAND

(T&C apply)

TMJP Program overview

This program guarantees a 100% success rate (T&C apply) to obtain Permanent Resident (PR) Visa based on "qualification or Trade Certifications or License" in order to pass Trade exams or Interviews with respective authorities. MK is determined to succeed with your application through either of these possibilities for Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

TMJP Video

(Trade Migration & Job Program)

Learn more about our Immigration Lawyers who will assist you with the migration process. You can migrate to Australia, Canada and New Zealand based on MK's structured 4 step pathway with our IELTS courses, membership programs and schedules that are structured to suit your needs. Your success starts here with MK!

IELTS with MK Migration

You can learn more to have a better understanding by watching our IELTS video, on our various IELTS courses, membership programs and schedules that are structured to suit your needs. Your pathway to a successful migration starts here!

Membership & Benefits (100% Success pathway)

This is a great opportunity for you to obtain "100% Success Pathway" that leads YOU to a guaranteed success on IELTS to achieve the score and we work until PR VISA & JOB to success.

MK Migration provides reasonable rates for packages services under membership program that include English Language training (IELTS) until success score, Migration application such as PR VISA and JOB placement, so that you can achieve your goal of successful overseas migration.

Our candidates are ready to put much effort and pay the cost to work with us for their success driven pathway to settle in overseas destinations such as Australia, Canada & New Zealand. We understand your needs and requirements. Together, we assist you to move forward and confirm your pathway success.

However, there are steps you need to follow as a foreigner. Initially, we provide consultation to advise you on our Platinum and Elite member packages for JOB which includes English Language training to achieve your target score. Remember your English Language (IELTS) requirement is the first step for your Migration & JOB success, followed by your PR VISA and JOB placement. Notice that Term and Condition apply for 100% success pathway referred above.


Red Seal Exam is nationally recognized and helps people in trades to obtain good, well-paying jobs across Canada. It is a LICENSE that allows you to work nationally for your relevant trade and also under the JOURNEYMAN status. This certification qualifies you to apply for PR without JOB offer.

  • Skills Assessment (SA) program in Canada to get Qualification Certification & License by writing Red-Seal exam in Canada
  • We recommend SPR, SC, Good salaried, friends or relatives in Canada to get VISIT VISA to fly Canada for exam
  • Min IELTS Score is Reading 3.5, Writing 4.0, Speaking 5.0 & Listening 5.0
  • Min 5 years' experiencein Specific Trade Occupation with or without educational qualification
  • Educational qualification, Training certificates and if any license added advantages

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The Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) is an assessment pathway for applicants applying for a skilled migration visa who work in a nominated occupation in order to determine if applicants have the skills and experience necessary to work in Australia and leads to certificate III or IV. OSAP Certification is to use to claim educational points under skilled migrant VISA.

Recommended only for candidates enrolled in MK Training Pro's Unlimited / Focused IELTS Program or excellent in English and have the ability to score a Band 6 in each IELTS or PTE module.

IELTS score is min Reading 6.0, Writing 6.0, Speaking 6.0 and Listening 6.0

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IELTS min 6 band score makes success in the VISA program to Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Apart Age, Formal Educational qualification, Experience is major roles in a point based traditional system to PR VISA and JOB.

  • Min 3 years' experience with a formal educational qualification before experiences start. If educational qualification is present not considered as a formal qualification, however still useful to proceed
  • MK's elite membership make 100% success in JOB placement after VISA approval.

Job Offer is most popular with the fastest success pathway to obtain a PR visa. As a platinum member, our team will arrange interviews with Employers. This pathway is not for everyone and not a guaranteed success to everyone. It is recommended to choose a certification (Red Seal or OSAP) & IELTS to succeed. However, 100% success rate of JOB is guaranteed once PR VISA is obtained.

Eligibility / Requirements for all the pathway:

  • 1. No educational qualifications needed or Formal Educational qualification. If having any other Educational qualifications, Certification & Trainings it's an advantage
  • 2. Good in English and Willing to learn English (IELTS)
  • 3. Any Trade occupations with min 5 years' experience

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