Membership and Benefits:

This is a great opportunity for you to obtain “100% Success Pathway” that leads YOU to a guaranteed success on IELTS to achieve the score and we work until PR VISA & JOB to success.

MK Migration provides reasonable rates for packages services under membership program that include English Language training (IELTS), Migration application such as PR VISA and JOB placement, so that you can achieve your goal of successful overseas migration.

Our candidates are ready to put much effort and pay the cost to work with us for their success driven pathway to settle in overseas destinations such as Australia, Canada & New Zealand. We understand your needs and requirements. Together, we assist you to move forward and confirm your pathway success. However, there are steps you need to follow as a foreigner. Initially, we provide consultation to advise you on our Platinum and Elite member packages for JOB which includes English Language training to achieve your target score. Remember your English Language (IELTS) requirement is the first step for your Migration & JOB success, followed by your PR VISA and JOB placement. Notice Term and Condition apply for 100% success pathway referred above.

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