Skilled Trades Red - Seal Program

MK Migration facilitates Permanent Resident (PR) Express Entry application & subsequent JOBs acquisition in CANADA for those who join this program. Alternatively together with JOB to enter express entry pool.

The Red Seal Program is the Canadian standard of excellence for skilled trades. It sets common standards to assess the skills of tradespersons across Canada. Tradespersons who meet the Red Seal standards receive a Red Seal endorsement on their provincial/territorial trade certificates.

This program guarantees a 100%* success for the Permanent Resident VISA application based on the new express entry program. Normally, applicants get Permanent Resident VISAs through “JOB offers” or “Qualification Certifications” by passing Red Seal exams. However, NOW MK is determined to provide you either way of possibilities to help you succeed in your application.

Red Seal Exam to get “Certificate of Qualification” to become Journeyman:

Red Seal Exam is nationally recognized and helps trades people obtain good, well-paying jobs, and grants licensures to work across Canada. Red Seal exam is normally conducted by each of the provinces in Canada based on need of trade workers in the particular province. Candidates who have passed the red seal exam to attain the “Certificate of Qualification” are called “Journey Person or Journeyman” now!
Once you have become a Journeyman, your salary is doubled when compared with an apprentice.

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Sample question

We provide tutorial questions & answers, engineering advice on problematic questions and a textbook to help you pass the exam when you join our training program.

Overview of the Red Seal Examination:

  • 100 to 150 questions per exam, depending on the trade.
  • Multiple-Choice (A, B, C and D) question and of equal difficulty and value.
  • Assess trade knowledge in respective discipline only.
  • Maximum time allowed is 4 hours.
  • Passing mark is 70%.
Overview of the Red Seal Program:

Registration & Agreement :

We mutually agree with the terms and conditions of MK Red-Seal program and Law of CANADA & Singapore.

Skills assessment (SA) & Application for Red-Seal exam :

To accredit your skills – Overseas experiences and educational qualification to verify & approve to sit for the “CHALLENGING EXAMS” for Trade position in any province in CANADA. This will normally take between 2 and 4 months to approve. SA is easy passage to find JOB.

IELTS preparation & Exam :

You can start your training once you register with us unlimited# IELTS Tutorial to achieve required score, normally 2 to 3 month to prepare and sit for the exam. Unlimited IELTS tutorial is valid for 6 months only; if scores aren’t satisfactory, candidates could return to the tutorial and prepare to sit for the test for the 2nd time to achieve required score. IELTS score also is easy passage to find JOB.

Red - Seal preparation & Exam :

Red-Seal exam training requires at least 2 months of dedicated training in your trade. However, more training time is required to master and get high score. We strongly recommend starting your training from the moment you’ve registered for this program until you sit for the exam in CANADA.

VISIT Visa application & Sponsorship :

  • Visit VISA to write an exam in Canada only apply after receiving approval letter to sit for the “Challenge Exam” from Trade Province, CANADA
  • VISIT Visa is crucial for your taking the exam in Canada. Although our lawyer is taking care of the VISA process, we strongly suggest that you produce necessary and relevant supporting documents to help with the VISIT VISA application.
  • Your friends & relatives in Canada can affect major chances of VISIT VISA approval and easy passage.

Training for practical exam :

Welder & Cook need practical exam and need to pass to get Certificate of Qualification. Red Seal exam encompasses a theory exam and practical exam. This program does not include government fees and additional practical training fees. Read the Terms & Condition carefully.

Two way flight ticket to Canada with accommodation:

To write Red-Seal exam in CANADA; included in this program fee. Theory exam take one day only

Immigration services :

Permanent Resident VISA application services commence after eligibility evaluation by our migration lawyer; Start either get JOB or Certificate of Qualification. The normal application process takes between 3 and 6 month to process

JOB offer :

JOB offer is mandatory only when candidates have not attained the Qualification Certification or are not invited to apply for (ITA) for PR VISA. However, NOW MK is determined to provide you either way of possibilities to help you 100% succeed in your application. After PR application, Job offer is an optional service.

Skilled Trades Permanent Resident (PR) VISA eligibility

Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • There is no education requirement for the Federal Skilled Trades Program. But, if you want to earn points for your education under Express Entry. Need to apply ECS
  • No min 67 points to eligible
  • Meet the required levels in English for each language ability (Lowest SCORE compare to most of the programs / Countries)
    IELTS: reading 3.5, writing 4.0, speaking 5.0 and listening 5.0
  • Have at least two years of full-time work experience in a skilled trade job within five years of application.
  • Have a “Job offer” at for least one year or a “Certificate of Qualification” in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial authority.
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  • Check eligibility to qualify at
  • Eligible occupations, refer

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