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Committed to make your Successful migration

Under this program we are committed through out all your stages, starting from your English Language Training to achieve your score is the first step of success, JOBs search services after PR or Open Work VISA approval all in one roof of services. As most of the people are unaware of choosing the right pathway to get success for migration to Australia, Canada and New Zealand and may assume that JOB is the best way to migrate. Based on the recent immigration policies you are unable to get the JOB directly since you are a foreigner and VISA documentations is the major concern for employers. So we don't want you to be exhausted by using all your time / money and resources in your JOB search with very little or almost NO results at all. So MK MIGRATION renders our service to meet all your expectations by our 100% success pathway program from our platinum membership. We mentioned below the way how we assist you to get your 100% success in your migration process and JOB. However, from our JOBS program some of our GOLD and PLATINUM members get JOB offers to increase chance of VISA approval. On committed PLATINUM membership, your savings we assure more than S$1250 from our benefits. Get your quote now.

1. English language Training (IELTS / PTE):

Initially, we assist you to achieve your goal through English Language training, which has a TOP priority and essential in these countries for a successful Migration. Through our Limited or Unlimited and PLATINUM IELTS / PTE Class room group, Personal and Online training we work with you until you achieve your desired IELTS / PTE score and focus on your language development. We are committed and dedicated towards you in every step of the way. We will assess your proficiency level and provide further advice on your intensive training Program by our International Training team. We have various courses & programs that tailored suit your requirements to achieve your score.

2. Established Immigration lawyers for Permanent Resident (PR):

After well practice or confident in your IELTS / PTE scoring, we are able to process your immediate Skills assessment and VISA application with 100% success with / without any educational qualifications / Relevant Experienced professionals by immigration lawyers & Agents from Australia, Canada & NZ. Registered immigration lawyers and MIGRATION team will assist in all types of VISA documentations which are required by the various departments for immediate and successful approvals for applications. We are proud as our accredited lawyers' assessments and VISA approvals are 100% till date. The overall duration of this success pathway to immigration is ranging from 5 to 6 months from the date of registration. Check our testimonials at our website for more info on SUCCESS stories of our happy customers. Get your FREE assessment and QUOTATION by today!

3. JOBs Search (Profile Marketing Service):

After getting your relevant PR or Open Work VISA, it is your right to search for JOBs in the country you have chosen. Our Jobs search team will assist you to achieve your JOBs efficiently across the preferred country, being an Elite member with MK gives access to direct employers or through our huge database of employment agencies for assistance. Our JOBs Program some of our employers offers sponsors to our GOLD and PLATINUM member clients before getting their VISA and claims points from the pool.

4. Student / Business VISA pathway:

Being a student is the Fastest and Best alternative pathway to reach your dream destination. A student VISA provides an established quality of advanced education that will benefit for your career in the future JOBs, Open Work permit, and Immigration opportunities after your successful completion of the course. Show the right pathway to your dear young friends and relatives to get attractive discounts. Duration for this pathway is from 3 to 6 months.

Excellent business opportunities are offered to skilled migrants who are interested to open a business in the chosen country. Students, Business & Investment VISA would be your alternative pathways.


  1. 1. 100% success pathway program depends on the documents requirement of relevant authorities for success in all stages. Our team renders guidance and committed services to help you in assisting for preparation for your success in the applications however required relevant documents are to be produced / liable by candidate and not MK.
  2. 2. JOB Assistance service is not a recruitment process. We offer Profile Marketing services in which we reach out to employers and employment agencies through our leads and schedule / arrange interviews via skype or personal. But we are not involved in collecting personal recruitment details such as salary or contractual benefits negotiation etc. This is not recruitment process and is not liable for any employer's related issues before / after job offer.

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