Our Mission:

  • We work hard to ensure that every Employer has a clear understanding of the skills, qualifications and experience of our skilled tradesmen and professionals before they are hired.
  • We provide all skilled tradesmen and professionals the services of an immigration consultant as well as language and skill-based training, to ensure that our candidates are immigration-ready.

Skilled Tradesmen and Professionals:

There is a significant requirement for Skilled Tradesmen and Professionals in Canada, New Zealand & Australia. One of the objectives of immigration is to welcome Skilled Tradesmen and Professionals who will contribute towards the country’s economic growth and permanently settle there as valuable workforce. Successful applicants under the immigration programs will receive either a Permanent Resident Visa or a Temporary VISA (Work Permit).

Multiple factors contribute towards the rising need for Skilled Tradesmen and Professionals. With vast natural resources, numerous construction projects and an aging workforce, hiring foreign workers seems like a natural step for firms to prosper. Foreign Skilled Tradesmen and Professionals now have the chance to work in Canada, NZ & Australia with some of the highest paying jobs in the world. Immigration laws also allow Foreign Workers to bring their family and apply for Permanent Residence and Citizenship in Canada.

Our Services for Skilled Tradesmen & Professionals:

We can place you in high-paying jobs.

  • Owing to the shortage of Skilled trade workers and professionals, we can help you get long term jobs in Canada, NZ and Australia.

We will help you get certified and qualified.

  • We’ll help you qualify for practicing your trade.
  • We’ll help arrange unlimited training to help you pass the language and / or trade exams.

We help you apply for Permanent Resident or Temporary VISA;

our associated lawyer can also help with the immigration process of your family.

  • Foreign Tradesmen and Skilled Worker can apply to bring their spouse, or common-law partner, and children.
  • The spouse or common law partner can apply for a work permit.
  • The children can qualify for free public schools until they finish high school.

Skilled Trades Migration and JOBs Program (TMJP):

Are you a Skilled Trade Worker looking for 100% success program ?. Success starts from IELTS and followed by VISA & JOB. (T&C apply) Please, Sign Up for our Skilled Trade Migration and JOBs Program.

SKILLED PROFESSIONAL – PR & JOB Program Canada, Australia & New Zealand:

Are you a Skilled Professional looking to successfully Migrate (PR VISA)? Sign up for our SKILLED PROFESSIONAL – PR & JOB Program for Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

MK Migration is a simplified, fast and efficient immigration selection system offering permanent residence to qualified Skilled Professionals looking to Migrate to Canada, Australia & New Zealand. We find relevant jobs for you once the PR VISA is approved in case of JOBS Program when employers offer JOBs, we help you claim points to accelerate the VISA processing.

Register & Appointment:

To meet our consultant please email to and to Register for the program,

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