JOBs Program 2017 & JOB Fair – 13th May 2017
Monthly Personal Interviews in Singapore, Philippines & India
Weekly SKYPE Interviews
Australia | Canada | New Zealand

This program provides a platform for potential employers & eligible candidates to meet either through video conferencing (weekly via Skype) or personally in Singapore, Philippines & India.

We choose eligible candidates as per the latest 2017 immigration policy requisites; provide them with unlimited language training, to make sure they acquire the required English score, as well as training for practical skills, for qualification certification to get Licensing (if required). We provide solutions from A to Z to make sure candidates meet the required eligibility for migration.

This allows Employers to hire qualified foreign tradesmen and skilled professional from Singapore and the region easily. We collaborate with our immigration lawyer to obtain work permits and immigration visas as per latest immigration procedure.

Our JOBs program fee inclusions:

Training for Unlimited IELTS (English course), Trade Exam (if needed), and Immigration Service fee for our lawyer, Logistics & Facilitation. We charge candidates a package fee for the services rendered and we DO NOT charge any form of “Recruitment Fee” as per the latest immigration law. However, employers should have to pay program Registration & LMIA / Sponsorship application Government fee.

The initial cost of LMIA for Canada, Sponsorship / Nomination for Australia or New Zealand is payable by the employer. The VISA application and other fees are payable by candidates.

The cost of participation in the JOBs Program for Personal Interviews in Asia region will be shared. This includes major travel expenses like airfare and 3-day accommodation to Singapore, Philippines or India.

Our Mission

  • To help companies recruit, qualify, and hire foreign tradesmen and skilled workers
  • To help foreign tradesmen and skilled workers travel to specified country with job offers
  • To collaborate with our or your immigration lawyer to obtain work permits and process immigration for foreign tradesmen and skilled workers as per the latest immigration program 2017.

Invitation & Registration

We cordially invite you to participate in our "JOBs Program or JOB Fair” via SKYPE or In-Person in Singapore, Philippines & India.

Register at least 2 weeks in advance for SKYPE interviews or 30 days in advance for personal interviews to arrange for logistics. or Call +65-91857681 / +65-98570718

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