About US

With more than 15 years of business experience and dedicated clientele services,

MK Migration, as an Immigration Services Provider, takes immense responsibility and commitment to assist you in your overseas migration journey.

As the world becomes more complex and chaotic, governments of many countries institute complicated immigration regulations for admitting foreigners. Hence, these legislations are often amended.

We, as an Overseas Migration Specialist, will help you understand these governing principles and recommend to you the most suitable immigration package with which you would achieve the quickest possible way to migrate to the destination of your dream.

We clearly understood that English (IELTS) is the first step for migration and packaged offer and it may lowest pricing from language training to Migration and after JOB offer, this pathway brings you 100% success guaranteed (T&C apply) and don’t hesitate to put your effort and money.

Advantages of MK Migration

  • Free discussion and simple solutions you on your options and immigration process
  • Detailed individual consultation to professional advice on your options and immigration process
  • 100% success (T&C apply) packaged program of Migration services, together with English training and Employment solutions under one roof
  • Professional solutions for business and students to migrate to overseas
  • Fees charged are lower than other migration agencies in market.
  • Payment can be spread over a period of time; easy to manage your finance.
  • Post arrival services shall be offered upon request
  • Many successful testimonies of migration experiences

Then why wait?

If you have ever dreamed of the Overseas Lifestyle with all the benefits of having Family with PR, fill out the
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