Canada JOBs Program – 3rd Express Entry 2015
13th September & 1st November 2015, at Singapore & Philippines

Our Mission
  • To help Canadian companies recruit, qualify, and hire foreign tradesmen and Skilled workers;
  • To help foreign tradesmen and Skilled workers go to Canada with job offers; and
  • To collaborate with our or your Canadian Immigration lawyer to obtain work permits and immigration for foreign tradesman and Skilled workers according to the latest express entry program 2015
  • Recruiting experienced tradesmen and skilled workers can be time consuming and frustrating.
  • Finding and assessing their skills and determining if they can meet provincial requirements and licensing requirements involves major effort on your part.
  • The work permit process is even more challenging, and can take months.
  • On top of these challenges, you may not know whether you will actually be successful until the foreign worker lands on your doorstep!
  • The uncertainty can make it very difficult to plan your business.

Finding qualified foreign tradesmen and Skilled worker can be time consuming and difficult. At MK, we take the guesswork out of the process. Working with Canadian Immigration lawyer, we can help you:

  • Find qualified tradesmen and Skilled workers;
  • Assess their credentials to work for you in Canada under latest express entry 2015;
  • Arrange for federal, provincial trade exams, training, license and certification if necessary;
  • Process or finalize a Labour Market Impact assessment (LMIA) for the positions;
  • Arrange Canadian temporary and permanent work permits; and
  • Bring the foreign worker to your firm without any cost for you.
  • English is important and using our International Trainers, we train IELTS or Canadian English before start processing for Canada
  • We observe Canadian law in Singapore, so we don’t charge recruitment fee from candidates
Invitation to participate in our free "Canada JOBs Program" in Singapore & Philippines

Dear Hiring Managers / Recruiters,

Greetings from MK Migration – a business unit of MK Consultancy Services Pte Ltd in Singapore, established with over 6 years of operational capabilities and has a record of accomplishments for organizing Jobs Programs, training, recruitment and migration services.

I am Annadurai (AD), the Managing Director/CEO of MK Migration and keen on inviting you to participate in our "Canada JOBs Programs – 3rd Express Entry Special".

We host "JOBs Expos" quarterly so we invite companies to attend our expos in Singapore. We recently hosted one on 19th July 2015.

Additionally, we host "JOBs Recruitment Program" every mid of the month for companies to come to Singapore to meet with, interview and hire trade and skilled workers who are extremely qualified and certified. Our next ‘JOBs Recruitment Program” are on 13th September & 1st November 2015.

Finally, we provide an exclusive "JOBs Matching Service" for companies interested in hiring foreign trade and skilled workers in Singapore. We competently arrange SKYPE interview sessions for you to evaluate our large pool of highly qualified, certified candidates who have been assessed by Canadian tradesmen authorities and who possess the IELTS results to qualify for latest express entry programs. Our candidates, who come from construction, manufacturing, marine, oil, hotel, nursing and healthcare sectors, are actively looking for career opportunities in Canada.

Our Exclusive Canadian immigration and repatriation attorney, Mr. Ronen Kurzfeld, from the Law Office of Ronen Kurzfeld, Toronto, CANADA, will guide you and our candidates throughout the recruitment process. Please click here: for more details.

Participation in this event is limited to companies in Canada offering positions in all sectors. The cost of participation in the Canada JOBs Program will be covered by MK who is responsible for all travel expenses, which include airfare, booths, 5 days accommodation and LMIA rebates managed by our lawyer for limited employers.

Moreover, should you have any doubts, please contact our MD directly as per below details or reply to this mail our marketing staff to arrange a meeting with our Managing Director and his team to provide more details about Canada JOBs Program & LMIA rebates. As LMIA is currently a major concern among Canadian employers, we want to address the LMIA easier approval process & offer rebates

Schedule & Registration

Schedule & Registration

We cordially invite you to participate in our "Canada JOBs Program" in Singapore & Philippines

DATE : 13th September 2015

VENUE : Singapore

  • Date : 1st November 2015
  • Venue : Singapore
  • Date : 3rd November 2015
  • Venue : Philippines
  • Fees : No Fee: Free Flights, Free Accommodation, Free Participation

Register at least ONE (1) month in advance for us to plan a successful schedule.

Register Now!

Why should an Employer attend our Job Fair?

Connect: with large pools of certified, qualified and educated candidates in specific subject areas and increase the number of resumes and applications received for the positions they need to fill.

Experience: the best way of actually meeting potential hires in Singapore & Asian region while exploring potential business opportunities

Save: connect with a large pool of potential employees without having to advertise and save time and money by zeroing in on exceptional candidates quickly, rather than using the scatter-shot approach of general advertising

Meet: meet potential candidates in person from the very beginning by conducting short, informal interviews over the course of a few hours.

Contact us at

CONTACT DETAILS: Strictly for Employers ONLY

Mobile : +65-91857681

Email :

See you soon in September and November 2015 in Singapore & Philippines!!!

Our Mission

We work hard to ensure that every Canadian Employer has a clear understanding of the skills, qualifications and experience of our tradesmen and skilled workers before they hired. We only recommend Canadian Employers to our tradesmen and skilled workers after we have researched and qualified the tradesmen and skilled workers to the best of our ability.

We provide all tradesmen and skilled workers the services of an immigration consultant with a wide and all-encompassing range of services that ensures that each tradesmen and skilled worker is immigrant-ready.

Tradesmen and skilled workers (Skilled Professionals) are greatly needed in Canada. One of the objectives of Canadian immigration is to welcome Tradesmen and skilled workers (Skilled Professionals) who will contribute to Canada's growing economy. Tradesmen and skilled workers (Skilled Professionals) that settle in Canada on a permanent basis are especially valuable to the Canadian workforce. Successful applicants of the Tradesmen and skilled workers (Skilled Professionals) Immigration programs will receive a Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa or Temporary VISA (WP).

Shortage of Tradesmen and skilled Workers

Canada’s needs Tradesmen and Skilled Workers. With vast natural resources and many construction projects, and an aging workforce, hiring Tradesmen and Skilled Workers can help Canadian firms prosper.

Foreign Tradesmen and Skilled Workers now have the chance to work in Canada with some of the highest paying trade jobs in the world. Canada’s immigration laws also allow Foreign Tradesmen and Skilled Workers to bring their family to Canada, and apply for Permanent Residence and Citizen in Canada.

Our Services for Tradesmen & Skilled Workers

We can place you in high-paying jobs with Canadian employers

  • Due to the shortage of trade workers in Canada, we can place you in long term jobs with Canadian companies

We will help you get certified and qualified in Canada

  • We’ll help you qualify to practice your trade in Canada
  • We’ll help arrange training to pass the trade exams

We help you apply to become Permanent Residents of Canada
Our associated lawyer can help your family come to Canada

  • Foreign Tradesmen and Skilled Worker can apply to bring their spouse, or common-law partner, and children to Canada
  • The spouse or common law partner can apply for a work permit
  • The children can qualify for free public schools until they finish high school
Skilled Trades / Workers (Professionals) JOBS Program

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As a provider of all levels of Skilled Trades / Workers (Professionals), MK Migration can help you make that change. With access to our online JOBs Matching Services, you can increase your chances to move on to an even better position. In fact, no other company in Canada finds such a vast scope of rewarding and well-paying skilled trades’ positions for qualified people like you.

Whether you are a Machinist, Welder, Electrician, Plumber, Heavy Equipment Operator, Mechanic, Millwright, Pipe Fitter, HVAC Technician, Carpenter, Concrete Former, Tool & Die Maker or any other skilled trade professional, MK Migration has the network to make it easier to find the job fit and growth potential you are looking for. MK Migration can match you to jobs that fit your skills and interests with a range of positions with companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries.

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MK Migration is a simplified, fast and efficient immigration selection system offering permanent residence to qualified Skilled Trades/Workers looking for Migration to Canada. We match the job after PR VISA approved

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CANADA JOBs Program – 3rd Express Entry 2015

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