APO is our unique company program that allows you to gain a Permanent Resident (PR) or Work Permit (WP) Visa by considering all of the programs that will provide a positive result for your profile. Using this method, we will make sure that all paths are considered and tried, resulting in an almost 100% success rate. MK Migration has created one package that allows you to see the benefits of multiple pathways. Please see some of the specific programs below:

Professionals Program:

The Professionals Program is a Direct PR Pathway for those who are able to achieve a high-level English Exam Score (competent, proficient, or superior English). Those who go through this pathway will apply for a direct PR Pathway and are willing to try the all possible options (APO) method of immigration. This method will provide candidates with a highly subsidized fee structure.

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Skilled Technicians, and Supervisors Program:

The Skilled Technicians and Supervisors Program is for those who have technical hands on work experience in the past, and are now supervising in their field. This program has an English exam test score requirement of at least a competent level. Any candidate taking this pathway will obtain a skills trade certificate with the help of MK. After obtaining a skills trade certificate, we will provide you with all possible options to achieve PR in your country of choice by providing a complete subsidized package.

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Skilled Trades Program:

The Skilled Trades Worker Program is for those currently working as skilled hands on workers and have experience in any industry. This program will require a functional – competent English exam test result in future. In this program, we will find you an employer sponsorship and apply for a skilled trades exam to start off. After gaining an employer sponsor or skilled trade certificate we will apply the all possible options method to your profile to achieve PR with a subsidized payment structure.

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General Workers Program:

The General Workers Program is for employees in a wide range of industries that includes Caregivers, Hotel Staff, General Labourers and more. The English requirement for this program is a functional – competent level based on a standardized English exam result in future. Under this program, we will first apply for an Employer Sponsorship, before applying for all possible options towards PR that match your profile. Members of this program will enjoy a highly subsidized pathway towards PR.

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Students and Jobs Program:

The Student Visa and Jobs Program is for fresh graduate students, and working professional or their spouse who are interested in upgrading their existing education as an easier pathway towards PR. This program has a minimum English exam requirement of a functional level or higher. In this pathway we will help you get a student permit and a work permit for you and your spouse to increase your points for PR. After starting your student path, we will work with you to apply for All Possible Options on your profile to achieve PR for a highly subsidized rate.

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Small Business Operators Program:

The Small Business Owner and Operator Pathway is for current Management Staff and experienced Business Owners or their spouses, who are interested in setting up a small company in order to get a work permit to PR pathway. This program offers a great option for getting a work permit and converting it to PR while only requiring a functional level English exam result. After obtaining a work permit, MK will apply all possible options for your profile to ensure that you are successful with obtaining your PR for a highly subsidized price.

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  • Functional Level English score is IELTS 5 or PTE 36 or CLB 6
  • Competent level English score is IELTS 6 or PTE 50 or CLB 7
  • Proficient level is IELTS 7 or PTE 65 or CLB 9
  • Superior is IELTS 8 or PTE 79 or CLB 10

APO Pathways

  1. Direct Permanent Resident (PR) pathway (Read More)
  2. Skilled Trade Certification for a Low Score Permanent Residency pathway (PR or PPR) (Read More)
  3. Study and Work (Student Visa) pathway (Read More)
  4. Employer Sponsorship (Job) to get a WP and PR Pathway(Read More)
  5. Small Business Owners or Business Visa Pathway (Read More)

APO Benefits:

  • One or dual or triple country applications
  • Federal, Provincial, Regional and State applications
  • Free, Limited or Unlimited English training
  • Free or Membership Job Search before or after visa
  • Free School Search or Membership
  • All in one package at a highly subsidized price

All in one package at a highly subsidized price

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