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Program Overview:

This program primarily focuses on Job Seekers as Skilled Immigrants either professional or Trades who desire to Immigrate to Canada with or without the option of Job offer.

In general, Immigration to Canada is not a simple process as many would not be aware of the documentation requirements for submission to the authorities. We are specialized and experienced in creating Canadian Standard Documents (CSD) from your Existing Documents which is the vital key to the successful approval of the application.

English proficiency especially IELTS, Provincial Nomination, Employer Nomination, Family Member, Relative or Friend Sponsor in getting a visa are other eligibility requirements of Immigration. At MK Migration, we offer our valuable services to support you in All Possible Options (APO) and with our expertise you shall acquire your dream destination.


IELTS or PTE Immigration Package Program:

Immigration Packaged Program is Special Training Program focusing on your precise requirements through limited, unlimited, Customized and / or focused training, supplying unlimited materials, conduct mock test and focus on weak subject under Immigration membership program for customized training until accomplishment of your mandatory score. We top up $$$ 1000 over to your account to use add on services or discounts or to benefit a subsidized fees structure.


JOBs Search Program 2018:

JOB offer with or without Employer sponsorship

This program offers the most suitable candidates an option to search Employers for JOB offer with or without Employer sponsor to increase Immigration points either through our exclusive search option or through our regular employers Interviews or Job fairs as an elite member. We direct candidates as well employers on eligibility, Nomination, Sponsorship application and Suitable VISA to apply OR VISA approved candidates after Job offer, we will guide them to relocate and help in post landing services. However, Job offer after visa approval is best preference to get higher salaries, attractive benefits and cheaper price when compared to employer sponsored visa and to increase Immigration points.
Note: Job search is employer marketing & Part of Immigration. It is not Recruitment or Temporary VISA program. 


Immigration Stages:

  1. Immigration Assessment and Professional advice
  2. Apply for Education and or Skill Assessment authority
  3. Submission of Express Entry
  4. Sponsorship - Employer Nomination, Provincial Nomination, Family Member, Relative or Friends. 
  5. VISA application


Program Eligibility:

  1. Skilled Immigrants having a minimum of 1-year Overseas experience with formal relevant educational qualification
  2. Min. IELTS (General) band of 6 in each module


All Possible Options (APO):

  • Packaged IELTS Special Program support until success score
  • JOB offer / Employer Sponsorship
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Assist on Licensing, Certification or Study VISA
  • Switch country of application