What is the Employer Sponsor Program? 

MK Migration’s Employer Sponsor Program is a pathway for achieving immigration in Australia, Canada or New Zealand. In this program, we are able to search and arrange interviews with Australian, Canadian or New Zealand companies and employers for free. These interviews can be done in person, by phone, by video call or during one of our job fairs. If an applicant is successful, they will receive a transition plan Work Permit (WP) that eventually leads to Permanent Resident (PR) status over a certain time period or a direct PR in some cases. Successful applicants will gain both a WP and a PR. Through this pathway, you can bring your whole family to Australia or Canada to enjoy a new lifestyle with your spouse who can also support your income by working too. Additionally education is free for all children and medical cost are covered by the government, even for those on Work Permits.

The Basic Eligibility:

You are eligible for the Employer Sponsor Program if you meet the following basic criteria:

  1. English Abilities:
    • ​When applying for a Canadian or New Zealand Work Permit (WP) you must be able to show your English abilities to an immigration case officer or, you need to attend an Interview with an officer. We recommend taking any English exam to demonstrate the highest score  possible.  
    • For an Australian Work Permit (WP) you must take a standardised English exam such as the IELTS min 5 band or the PTE min 36 and a Skills Assessment or Licence depending on the occupation you are applying for.   
    • When applying for PR you must take a standardised English exam such as the IELTS or the PTE depending on the program you are applying for together with Education and skills assessment certification. 
  2. A minimum formal educational qualification of High School graduation is mandatory for Skilled or Semi-skilled workers. Technicians and professionals are recommended to have a college diploma or above.  
  3. Age: 20 to 42 years old

Eligible Occupations:

  1. Caregivers, Homecare workers and Nursing Aides - (Click here for More Details )
  2. Cooks, Chefs, Hotel and F&B staff - (Click here for More Details )
  3. Construction Trade Skilled and Semi-Skilled Workers - (Click here for More Details )
  4. Engineers and IT Professionals - (Click here for More Details )
  5. Engineering Trade workers and Technicians - (Click here for More Details )
  6. Heavy Truck Drivers - (Click here for More Details )
  7. Nurses, Accountants, and Doctors (Licensed) - (Click here for More Details )


ESP Program includes:

  1. Unlimited English training to get Certified
  2. Skilled Trades exam training where applicable
  3. Skills or Educational Assessment to get the required certifications
  4. Job Search Service (JSS) – Free or paid
  5. Free Employer Interviews and Job Offer
  6. Free Employer Sponsorship
  7. Work Permit VISA
  8. Permanent Resident VISA

Job Search Service (JSS)

The JSS is part of the Employer Sponsorship Program and is an immigration pathway program for achieving a Work Permit (WP) and Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia, Canada or New Zealand with the support of Employers. In this program under platinum membership, we are able to search and arrange for interviews with employers in order to gain sponsorship together with your support. 

Finding jobs on your own in Australia, Canada and New Zealand is not easy due to the fees and the complex process required by employers. MK will help you by connecting with employers and providing guidance to them on all legal matters, the duration, the documents required and the fees. This will provide the employers with all of the information and confidence needed to allow them to move forward with the international hiring process. Here at MK we are helping all candidates interested in finding employment in their dream country with our JSS Gold and Platinum Programs by marketing tools to practice. Our JSS Gold program membership will be offered for free and our JSS platinum membership will be available with extra benefits for a cost (See below).

Please note: This is an Immigration and Resume Marketing Service (RMS). The JSS is not a recruitment or employment program or act and not liable any terms between employers and employees.

All Possible Options (APO) Programs

APO is our unique company program that allows you to gain a Permanent Resident (PR) or Work Permit (WP) Visa by considering all of the programs that will provide a positive result for your profile. Using this method, we will make sure that all paths are considered and tried, resulting in an almost 100% success rate. MK Migration has created one package that allows you to see the benefits of multiple pathways. Please see some of the specific programs below:

  1. Professionals Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  2. Skilled Technicians, and Supervisors Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  3. Skilled Trades Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  4. General Workers Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  5. Students and Jobs Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  6. Small Business Operators or Business Owners Program  Click Here for Process Flow

APO Benefits:

  • One or dual or triple country applications
  • Federal, Provincial, Regional and State applications
  • Free, Limited or Unlimited English training
  • Free or Membership Job Search before or after visa
  • Free School Search or Membership
  • All in one package at a highly subsidized price


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