Job Search Program 2019




Program Overview:

This program offers the most suitable candidates an opportunity to search Employers for JOB offer with or without Employer sponsor, to increase Immigration points, either through our exclusive staff search or through our regular employers Interviews or Job fairs as an elite member. We suggest candidates as well as employers on eligibility, Nomination, Sponsorship application and Suitable VISA to apply OR VISA approved candidates to offer Job. We also guide them to relocate and help in post landing services. However, Job offer after visa approval is best preference to get higher salaries, attractive benefits and cheaper price when compared to employer sponsored visa and to increase Immigration points.

We facilitate potential employers & eligible candidates to meet for JOB offer personally in Singapore through JOB fairs or Online through video conferencing or take a trip to specific country to attend Interview. We pick the most qualified candidates as per the Latest 2018 immigration policy requisites; grant them Immigration packaged English language training, and ensure they acquire the required English score especially IELTS and PTE, as well as Skills evaluation or exam for Qualification Certification or Licensing or Student Visa for certification if needed. We provide A to Z solutions to corroborate that all candidates meet the required eligibility for Immigration. 

Successful applicants under the JOBS program will receive either a Permanent Resident Visa or Transition Plan Work Permit to Permanent Resident visa after reaching the specific country. Latest Immigration regulation supports Permanent Resident VISA application rather than Temporary VISA application. So this program is the part of Immigration and not recruitment service or temporary VISA program.

Foreign Skilled Tradesmen and Professionals now can work in Australia, Canada & NZ with some of the highest paying Jobs in the world with good perks. Immigration laws also permit Foreign Workers to fetch their family along and apply for Permanent Residence and Citizenship in near future. 


Elite Membership and Benefits:

  1. Resume development to attract employers 
  2. Exclusive JOB search
  3. Employer communication for JOB offer & Terms
  4. JOB Offer and or Employer Sponsorship
  5. Arrangement for JOB fair & Skype Interview
  6. Associated Agencies Job Offer if any
  7. Guideline on Interview Tips & Techniques
  8. JOB Offer and or Employer Sponsorship
  9. Immigration application and or relocation services


Program Eligibility:

  • Proficient in English Language and / or willing to Learn & Score in IELTS / PTE 
  • Minimum formal educational qualifications such as ITI, ITE, Diploma, Bachelors’ degree or above
  • If you don’t have formal educational qualifications, you need min 8 years of experience
  • Skilled Professionals, Technicians and Trade workers
  • Or VISA holder of the specific country


English Language Requirements: 

Success of this program is based on the English Language, mainly on your IELTS score. A minimum score of 5.0 band in each module is mandatory for Canadian or NZ Trades occupations. However, professional occupations and even Trades occupation candidates for Australia need a score of 6.0 band in each module. However, higher IELTS or PTE scores play essential role in application approval possibilities. 

An extremely optimistic advantage is that MK offers Limited, Unlimited and Immigration package IELTS / PTE program to guarantee that candidate accomplishes the required score with subsidized fee structure.


Job & Employer Sponsorship for VISA application Stages:

  1. Elite membership, Resume development, Job Search and Job Offer
  2. Employer Sponsorship and Transition Temporary VISA with Work Permit if applicable
  3. Immigration Visa application


Job for VISA holder Stages:

  1. Elite membership, Resume development, Job Search and Offer
  2. Relocation Membership


Terms and Agreement:

  1. Job search service is profile marketing for Immigration service and it is not a Recruitment service or agency.
  2. We are not liable for any terms with employer and authority related to recruitment.
  3. We help employers for sponsorship, however to support Immigration success.  
  4. Refund of 50% fee policy is applicable for any reason, if the payment is fully paid on the stages and applicable based on the stage.
  5. Govt fees and any 3rd party fee should be borne by client or employer for which Company is not liable for refund if any.