Job Search Program (JSP)


What is the Job Search Program? 

In our Job search Program, we are able to search and arrange interviews with Canadian companies. These interviews can be done in person, by phone, by video call or during one of our job fairs. If an applicant is successful, they will receive a permanent residency (PR) or a transition plan work permit (WP) that eventually leads to Permanent Resident status in a certain period. Successful applicants will gain both a WP and a PR. Through this you can bring your whole family to Canada to enjoy a new lifestyle!


Job Search Program (JSP) works by categorizing applicants by their job and industry experience. This means that by signing up for our jobs program, you will be joining a pool of talent who will have opportunities to be interviewed by Canadian employers. By joining the candidate pool, your resume will be considered and recommended anytime a suitable employer is hiring for a new position!

The Basic Eligibility:

You are eligible for the Job Search Program if you meet the following basic criteria:

• A minimum International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of CLB 5. CLB 5 is equivalent to Speaking 5, Listening 5, Reading 3.5 and Writing 4.0. application. However, higher scores are encouraged for gaining a PR Visa

• A minimum formal educational qualifications of a High School, Diploma or above.

• Age: 20 to 40 years.

Eligible Trades:

The occupations in the below list, as well as any existing visa holders are eligible for our Job Search Program.

1. Cook / Chef

2. Nursing Aids / Caregiver / Homecare (Medical) 

3. Automotive Technicians 

4. Automotive Air-Con Technicians

5. Automotive Painter 

6. Automotive collision Technician 

7. Welders

8. Metal Fabricators

9. Mechanical Fitters or Machine Mechanics or Industrial Mechanics (Millwright) 

10. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

11. Electronics Equipment or Instrumentation Technicians

12. Pipe / Steam Fitters

13. Electricians 

14. Heavy duty Mechanics

15. Crane Operators 

16. Lift and Elevator Mechanics 

17. Machinist 

18. Heavy equipment operator 

19. Heavy Truck Drivers

20. Construction Workers: Roofing, Carpenter, Form Workers, Form Carpenters, Scaffolders, Plumbers, Brick layers, Concrete workers, Tile setting, Plasterer etc.

(or) Those who have already received a working Visa.


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