What is the NCIJP?

This service is offered for those who are looking to achieve Permanent Residency (PR) status through various paths that will result in the highest chances of visa approval. The paths that will be tried in this program include: Nursing License and certification to Direct PR, Provisional / State PR, Employer Sponsorship with Work Permit (WP), Or Student Visa (SV) with Employer Sponsorship in Australia, Canada or New Zealand with or without All Possible Options (APO). This service is targeted towards individuals who are either Nurses, Nursing Aids, or Caregivers looking to immigrate under a points based system. Points are calculated based on your age, educational qualification(s), experience, English level, and etc for you and your spouse. 

Our Consultants are well-versed in the latest trends, and program offerings relating to immigration pathways. Using our knowledge, we provide a tailored program that matches the requirements of each candidates in order to receive an approval of a Visa.

Nursing License and Certification

Obtaining a Nursing License and Certification is prestigious in your specific occupation and allows a skilled Professional to obtain a good-paying job, employer sponsorship, and successful visa approval. Getting local licensing and certification shows your educational qualification(s), experience, and English level. Obtaining a local license where you want to immigrate is an important first step for Nurses. Some Nurses willing to start working as Nursing Aids or Caregivers in order to enter into the country and start work will have time to get there license while working and to get promoted to a nurse position after successful licensing. In some cases a student visa can also be used to enter the country first and then to convert your license later on.    

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The NCIJP Service includes:

1.   Unlimited English (IELTS) online materials and training

2.   Nursing License or Certification application and approvals 

3.   Job and Employer Sponsorship

4.   Work Permit (WP) or Student Visa (SV) or Direct PR

5.   Post-landing Service

6.   Permanent Resident (PR) visa


All Possible Options (APO) Programs

APO is an elective, unique company program that allows you to gain Permanent Residency (PR) through one of the following paths:

1.  Direct PR pathway package:

Key Requirements:

  • Proficient level of English such as IELTS 7+

  • Nursing License or Certificate

Package price:

  • Nursing License or Certificate  (U.P $3000)

  • Unlimited English (U.P $3000),

  • Direct PR (U.P $6000)

  • Optional Job Search Service (U.P $6000).

  • Total fee is $8500++ without a job search (U.P $12,000)

  • Total fee is $12,500++ with a  job search (U.P $18,000)

2.  Work Permit Pathway Package:

Key Requirements:

  • Nursing License or Certificate or Assessment only

  • Functional level English score of IELTS 5+ is required for nursing aids and caregivers, A competent level English score of IELTS 6+ is required for Nurses   

  • Employer Sponsor

Package price:

  • Nursing License or Certificate  (U.P $3000)

  • Unlimited English (U.P $3000)

  • Job Search Service (U.P $6000)

  • Work permit (U.P $6000)

  • Total fee is $15,000++ with Job search (U.P $18,000)

3.  Student Visa Path:

Key Requirements:

  • Competent level of English – Minimum score of PTE 40+ or IELTS 5.5+

  • School Sponsor Letter

Package price:

  • Unlimited English (U.P $3000),

  • Student Visa (U.P $2000)

  • Optional Job Search Service (U.P $6000)

  • Permanent Resident (U.P $6000)

  • Total fee is $2000++ Without English and Job (U.P $3,000)

  • Total fee is $3500++ English and without job search (U.P $5,000)

  • Total fee is $7,500++ English with job search (U.P $11,000)

  • Add PR fee is $4000++ (U.P $6000)

Salary Expectation and Benefits:

1.     Approx. $ 2500 - 8000 per month ($16.00 – 45.00 / Hour) + OT (1.5 times hourly rate).

2.     You can bring your whole family to enjoy a new lifestyle. This includes your spouse who can also support your income by working and may earn a min of $2500 per month.

3.     Education is free for all children, you can save a minimum of $1000 per child

4.     Medical cost are covered by the government, even for those on Work Permits

If you are interested in finding out more about our All Possible Options Program, then please book a free consultation with one of our consultants today. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our All Possible Options Program, then please book a free consultation with one of our consultants today. 

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