Construction Workers (Sheet Metal Worker)


Construction Workers (Sheet Metal Worker) 



Fabricate, assemble, install, and repair construction sheet metal products and equipment


Areas of Responsibility

  • Read engineering and architectural drawings, sketches and work specifications to be performed, and lay out, measure and mark sheet metal according to drawings or templates
  • Develop patterns for sheet metal using computer-assisted design and drafting (CAD) software package
  • Operate light metalworking machines such as shears, brakes, punches, and drill presses, including computer numerical control (CNC) equipment to cut, bend, punch, drill, shape or straighten sheet metal
  • Operate computerized laser or plasma cutting equipment to cut sheet metal
  • Install and use rigging and hoisting equipment
  • Fit and join sheet metal parts using riveting, welding, soldering and similar equipment to fabricate products such as ventilation shafts, exhaust hoods, eaves troughs, partition frames, air and heat ducts, material handling systems, roof decking and sheet metal buildings
  • Install sheet metal products according to specifications and building codes
  • Grind and buff seams, joints and rough surfaces



 Salary per year :   S$45,000 to S$65,000 per year

Experience           :  Min 5 years

 Type of visa    :   Transitional Work Permit to Permanent Resident VISA

 Score                 :   50% and above Average

No of Positions    : 5


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