Study – Work – Permanent Resident


Student Visa, Jobs & Immigration Program (SVJP):

In recent years, obtaining Permanent Residency (PR) or a Work permit (WP) has become more challenging and competitive. Under various programs, immigration candidates with the highest score are the ones receiving invitations to apply for PR.

Candidates who want to improve their scores and chances to become permanent residents may wish to consider an education and work experience pathway. At MK, we will work with you to find you a suitable College or University for free. We will also support you with your Job search once you have reached your destination to help you earn money for your tuition and family expenses.  Studying will strengthen your immigration candidacy in three of these areas: improved English language abilities, gaining a local education, and gaining local work experience for extra application points. You will also gain a quality and recognized educational credential which will help you establish your career and provide you with more points under various immigration streams.

Program Overview:

Our Consultants are experts in placing students of all ages in Australia, Canada & New Zealand. We specialize in working with a full range of highly ranked Colleges & Universities across these countries for the purpose of helping you immigrate in the future. In supporting students, we offer support for finding Job offers, Student and Work visa applications as well as assistance with your Permanent Residency application at the earliest possible time.

Our Consultants are well-versed in the latest trends, program offerings, and new initiatives within institutions and at Universities. Using our knowledge, we provide a tailored program that matches the requirements of each student in order to receive an approval of a student Visa. After receiving your student visa, we will help you gain Permanent Residency and help you find a job in order to kick start your new life!


Program Inclusive Benefits:

1. Highly ranked International Colleges and Universities
2. A quicker pathway for getting a student visa and converting it to a Permanent Resident Visa.
3. Free limited, paid limited or unlimited English training
4. You and your partner will be able to work in the country you study in
5. You can bring your children with you and they can study for free
6. Job Search Support (JSS) for you and your spouse
7. An all in one bundled package for a subsidized price.

Why choose MK?

  1. High success rate of visa approvals
  2. Free finding of Colleges or Universities
  3. Study and work; We will help find the jobs for you
  4. Permanent Resident pathway; We help you choose the right courses for your PR approval at a later time.
  5. Hassle free documentation support

Estimated School Fees and Expenses:

  • Course fees for the majority of courses: $12,000 – 25,000 per year
  • Food, Accommodation & other expenses: $600 – 1,500 per month
  • The Course fee is payable by cash or through bank loan facilities
  • Monthly expenses can be paid for with your employment earnings

Course Duration:

Courses start from 6 months duration and onwards however, choosing a minimum of an 18-month program is advisable to receive more points for immigration, and to increase your chances of local employment.


• IELTS / PTE / TOFEL score requirements depend on the School and on the program being offered.

  • For a College Diploma an Academic IELTS score of 5.5 or PTE 42+ is the minimum requirement
  • For a University degree a minimum Academic IELTS score of 6 or PTE 50+ is needed, however some schools may require a higher score.

• Other program requirements include showing a genuine interest to study, and the ability to provide a proof of funds for your education.

All Possible Options (APO) Programs

APO is an optional, unique company program that allows you to gain Permanent Residency (PR) through one of the following pathway package:

  1. Free college or university Search Support
  2. Student Visa (SV)
  3. Open Work Permit (WP)
  4. Job Search Support (JSS)
  5. Permanent Resident (PR) visa




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