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Program Overview:

MK has expertise in placing international students in Australia, Canada & New Zealand. Our Student Services Consultant Specializes in working with full range of College & Universities across Australia, Canada & New Zealand. Our services strive to meet the needs of every student with the best possible program to accustom their Overseas Education Goals, Job, Temporary Visa support & Immigration application (Permanent Resident)near future.   

Our Consultants are well-versed of fresh and latest trends as well as program offerings, new initiatives and interdisciplinary research centres within institutions and at Universities. Through determined research of academic options, we can accomplish the requirements of each student with the best tailored programs to fit their educational goal, Jobs and successful Immigration journey.


Program Benefits:

  • Highly ranked colleges and universities in the world
  • World Class Education and International Exposure
  • EARN while you LEARN, earn to pay tuition fees
  • Hassle free pathway to get Jobs and Immigration
  • Gaining Immigration points from local Certificate, Experience and Native language 
  • Our support in Study, JOBS & Immigration under one roof


Courses Offered:

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Computer & Information Technologies
  • Counselling and Family Therapy
  • Early Childhood / Education
  • Engineering
  • Food Industry
  • Hospitality Management
  • Nursing and Medical


Program Stages and fees:

  1. Assessment, Application support to School and acceptance
  2. Student VISA application
  3. Job Search as elite membership
  4. Relocation service
  5. Work permit application
  6. Permanent Resident Application


Estimated School Fees and Expenses:

  • Course fees for majority of the courses: $12,000 – 25,000 per year
  • Food, Accommodation & other expenses: $300 – 1,000 per month.
  • Course fee is payable by cash or through loan facilities
  • Monthly expenses to earn and pay by cash  


Course Duration:

Duration of courses range from: 6 to 48 months. However, choosing a minimum of 18-months program is advisable to get better Immigration and JOB benefits in the future.


English Requirement:

IELTS / PTE / TOFEL scores depend on School. More the score better are the opportunities.


IELTS or PTE Immigration Package Program:

Immigration Packaged Program is Special Training Program which concentrates on your precise requirements through limited, unlimited, Customized and/ or focused training, supplying unlimited materials, conducting mock test and focusing on weak subject, under Immigration membership program, until accomplishment of your mandatory score. We top up $1300 over to your account to use add on services or discounts or to benefit a subsidized fees structure.


Job Search Program

This program offers the most suitable candidates an option to search Employers for JOB offer either through our exclusive search or our regular Interviews with employers. This Job search program is after visa approval and stay in relevant country of choice or before.

Program Terms

  1. Course, Admission & Government fees are paid directly to the school or authorities.
  2. MK is not liable for any agreements between Student & Schools
  3. Job search service is profile marketing and not related to any terms with employers
  4. Our company is an Immigration company and not related recruitment activities or agency
  5. We help employers for sponsorship, however to support Immigration success.