What is the Business Start-up Immigration Program?

This service is offered for those who are looking to achieve Permanent Residency (PR) status in Australia, Canada or New Zealand with the help of a Business Manager, Owner, Working Partner, Business Partner or Investor. This service is targeted towards individuals who are either Business owners or managers looking to immigrate under a points-based system. Points are calculated based on your age, educational qualification(s), experience,  English level, etc. for you and your spouse. 

A Service to find a Business Partner or to find an existing company to help you get a local sponsor is additionally available for any client wishing to use it.

Our Consultants are well-versed in the latest trends, and program offerings relating to immigration pathways. Using our knowledge, we provide a tailored program that matches the requirements of each candidate in order to maximise the chances of visa approval.

Service includes:

1.   New company setup with a local director

2.   A Business Partner Search service is optionally available

3.   Find an Existing Business is an additional service that is available

4.   A Business Plan review or writing service is optionally available

5.   Business Sponsorship Application submission

6.   Work Permit (WP) Application submission

7.   Permanent Resident (PR) Visa application submission


BSIP Types:

Intra-company Transfer

An intra-company transfer is where a company reassigns an employee to work in a different physical office space. There are expedited processes to obtain work permits for intra-company transfers if the applicant performs certain categories of work. Such work permits give you extra points for federal application or provincial, state or regional Permanent Resident visa approvals. Set up your new branch office and explore new business opportunities!


  • Your current boss may decide to open a new branch of your IT company and transfer you to the new location.
  • You currently have an import business in Singapore and would like to set up a new branch overseas and you will work for a fixed or variable salary at the new location.

Working Partnership

Working partners are normally not expected to invest in the business. A working partner works with existing business owners and is compensated based on project execution or income generated. To facilitate your application, we will help you identify ways to partner with an existing business owner, friends, relatives or other contacts who would be interested in this approach. This approach could result in a work permit or a direct PR.

For Example:

  • Your friend agrees to hire you at his overseas machine shop as a working partner. In this case you can work for a fixed salary and a variable salary based on completed projects.


Business Partnership


Business Partners typically make an investment in an existing business. They are compensated based on the project execution or income generated and take a share of the profit of the company. We will help you find an existing business owner to work with as a business partner or support you in using your known contacts, friends or relatives to help you. This pathway can use either a work permit to PR  approach or a direct PR application.

For Example :

  • You make a small investment in your friend’s overseas consultancy company and they agree to have you as a business partner. In this case you will be paid a fixed salary and get a share of the companys profits. 

Owner Operator

An owner-operator is someone who runs the day-to-day operations of a small business. This usually involves hiring one or two employees to work for the company. This work permit gives you extra points for a federal government PR application or a provincial, state or regional Permanent Resident visa approval in future.

For Example:

  • You plan to make a small investment and start a small restaurant, café, home-based business  or your own hairstyling salon. Once you open your business you work as the operator and hire local employees to work under you.

Business Owner

An entrepreneur or owner is an individual or partners who start and run a business with limited resources and planning and are responsible for all the risks and rewards of the business venture. The business idea usually encompasses a new product or service rather than an existing business model. If the investment is high, you may apply for a federal PR directly. If the investment is low, you may apply for a provincial or state PR directly or Owner Operator Work Permit to PR pathway.


  • You plan to set up a new adventure tourism business as a sole owner or as a partner in an overseas country. As you are making a significant investment in another country, you can directly apply for PR through the states programs for business investors.


If you are interested in finding out more in our Business Start-up Immigration Program, then please book a consultation with one of our consultants today.


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