Do you want a direct Permanent Resident (PR) Visa?

What is the Skilled Immigration & Jobs Program?

This service is offered for those who are looking to achieve Permanent Residency (PR) status in Australia, Canada or New Zealand with or without All Possible Options (APO). This service is targeted towards individuals who are either skilled professionals or technicians looking to immigrate under a points based system. Points are calculated based on your age, educational qualification(s), experience, English level, and etc for you and your spouse. Click here to talk to one of our consultants.

Our Consultants are well-versed in the latest trends, and program offerings relating to immigration pathways. Using our knowledge, we provide a tailored program that matches the requirements of each candidates in order to receive an approval of a Visa. After receiving your visa, we will help you find a job in order to kick start your new life!


All Possible Options (APO) Programs

APO is an optional, unique company program that allows you to gain Permanent Residency (PR) through one of the following pathway packages:

  1. Direct Permanent Resident (PR) visa
  2. Job Search Support (JSS), Work Permit (WP), and Permanent Resident (PR) visa
  3. Free college or university Search Support, Student Visa (SV), Open Work Permit (WP), Job Search Support (JSS), and Permanent Resident (PR) visa

Note : Click here to know more about Job Search Support (JSS)

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