What is the Employer Sponsor Program (ESP)? 

MK Migration’s Employer Sponsor Program (Skilled Trades & General Workers listed below) is an immigration, training and certification service for candidates interested in immigrating to Australia, Canada or New Zealand. In this program, we are able to search and arrange interviews with employers for free. If an applicant is successful, they will receive a Skilled Trades Certification (License) which is the equivalent of a government college certified Advanced Diploma or an Associate Degree level certification, English certification in the IELTS or PTE, and a Work Permit (WP) that all eventually leads to Permanent Resident (PR) status over a certain time period or a direct PR in some cases. Through this pathway, you can bring your whole family to Australia, Canada or New Zealand to enjoy a new lifestyle with your spouse who can also support your income by working too. Additionally education is free for all children and medical cost are covered by the government, even for those on Work Permits.

The Skilled Trades Certification

Skilled Trades Certification is prominent for your Trade and allows a skilled worker to obtain a good-paying job anywhere in the world. Receiving a skilled trade certificate is equal to an Adv Diploma or an Associate degree level qualification from a government institution. It requires a one day exam where you show your current education, skills and experience.

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The Basic Eligibility:

You are eligible for the Employer Sponsor Program if you meet the following basic criteria

  1. English Abilities:
    • When applying for a Canadian or New Zealand Work Permit (WP) you must be able to show your English abilities to an immigration case officer or, you need to attend an Interview with an officer. We recommend taking any English exam to demonstrate the highest score  possible such as min IELTS 3. You may also meet the language requirements if you attended English medium education or any other English exam score.
    • For an Australian Work Permit (WP) you must take a standardised English exam such as the IELTS min 5 band or the PTE min 36 or have 5 years of continuous English medium education and a Skills Assessment or Licence depending on the occupation you are applying for.   
    • When applying for PR you must take a standardised English exam such as the IELTS or the PTE depending on the program you are applying for together with Education and skills assessment certification for all countries. 
    • A minimum formal educational qualification of High School graduation is mandatory for Skilled or Semi-skilled workers. We  recommended all trade workers to have any diploma or any trade level qualification or above.
  2. Age: 20 to 42 years old
  3. Education: Min High Scholl which is 10th Standard

Eligible Trade Occupations:

Note: Click the listed items for more details

1. Auto Body and Collision Technician / Panel Beater
2. Automotive Service Technician (CAR Mechanic)
3. Cabinetmaker, Carpenter, Rough Carpenter and Roofer
4. Construction Workers 
5. Construction or Industrial Electrician
6. Glazier
7. Heavy Duty Equipment Technician OR Mechanic
8. Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
9. Insulator (Heat and Frost)
10. Landscape Horticulturist or Maintenance workers
12. Metal Fabricator, Fitter and Assembler 
13. Painters
14.Plumber, fitter and Sprinkler
15. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
16. Sheet Metal Worker
17. Truck and Transport Mechanic (BUS and TRUCKS) 
18. Welder and Fabricator
19. Cook and Chef
20. Iron Workers (Generalist and Reinforcement)"

Eligible General Occupations:

  1. Truck and Trailer Driver
  2. Caregivers and Domestic workers
  3. Nursing Aids, and Nurses
  4. Hospitality Industries Staff (Ex: Front Desk, Housekeepers etc)

The ESP Service and Price:

  1. Unlimited English (IELTS) online training for 2 years and worth of $4000
  2. Unlimited Skilled Trade Certification training for 2 years and worth of $5000
  3. Skilled Trade Certification (equivalent of a Government Adv. Diploma  or an Associate degree level which is a license for trade work) (Trades only)
  4. Job and Employer Sponsorship (Free job placement)
  5. Work Permit (WP) visa and worth of $5000
  6. Post-landing Service and worth of $1000
  7. Permanent Resident (PR) visa and worth of $5000

Total price until Work Permit Stage is $15,000 and add PR fee $5000

Salary Expectation and Benefits:

  1. Approx. $ 4500 - 6000 per month ($20.00 – 30.00 / Hour) + OT (1.5 times hourly rate) for trade workers, Truck drivers and Nursing aids or Nurses.
  2. Hospitality industry employees and caregivers can expect to earn approx. $ 2500 - 3500 per month ($15.00 – 20.00 / Hour) + OT 1.5 Times
  3. You can bring your whole family to enjoy a new lifestyle. This includes your spouse who can also support your income by working and may earn a min of $2500 per month.
  4. Education is free for all children, you can save a minimum of $1000 per child
  5. Medical cost are covered by the government, even for those on Work Permits

Stages of Payment:

S.No Services Charges Duration
1 English, Skills Assessment, Training and Free Job offer

$ 5,000

2 Free Employer Sponsorship and Work Permit application

$ 5,000

5 - 6 Months
3 Work Permit approval and fly to Australia, Canada or New Zealand

$ 5,000

1 Months
4 Skills Trade Exam and PR application

$ 5,000

2 Years


Membership & Registration:

  1.  Those who register for Resume Development or any Training Programs are considered Gold members. Under gold membership there is no refund policy.
  2. Those who make an ESP process Stage 1 full payment become Platinum Members. Those who are platinum members are covered by a 50% refund Policy.

Program Terms:

  1. If a client requests a refund for any reason, S$2000 or Rs 1,00,000 or PHP 75,000 of the paid fees are non-refundable after a job offer is accepted before a work permit application is submitted.
  2. If the first work permit application made is unsuccessful, MK and the client may discuss the transferring of funds to apply for a second employer or to change their country of application or program. In this situation, no additional fees will be charged or If a client requests a refund then $3000 or Rs 1,50,000 or PHP 110,000 of the fees paid are strictly non-refundable.
  3. Gold Membership registration fees are Non-refundable. There is a 50% refund option available for ESP Platinum members should their application be unsuccessful.
  4. Once the relevant stages service is rendered the fees paid are strictly non-refundable.
  5. Job Search Service (JSS) is additional boosting service which S$3000 is non-refundable for any reason. However, no additional fees for those engaged JSS.

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