What is the Skilled Trades Certificate & Jobs (TCJP) Program?

This service is offered for those who are looking to achieve Permanent Residency (PR) status in Australia, and Canada despite having a low immigration score. This path is made possible by using our Skilled Trades Certificate and All Possible Options (APO) program. This service is targeted towards individuals who are senior skilled trade workers, technicians, supervisors or engineers planning to immigrate under the points based system. Points are calculated based on age, educational qualification(s), experience, English level etc for each candidate and the candidate’s spouse. 

Our consultants are well-versed in the latest trends and program offerings relating to immigration pathways. Using our knowledge, we provide a tailored program that matches the requirements of each candidate in order to receive a Visa approval.

The Skilled Trades Certification

Skilled Trades Certification is prominent for your Trade and allows a skilled worker to obtain a good-paying job anywhere in the world. Receiving a skilled trade certificate is equal to an Adv Diploma or an Associate degree level qualification from a government institution. It requires a one day exam where you show your current education, skills and experience.

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All Possible Options (APO) Programs

APO is an optional, unique company program that allows you to gain Permanent Residency (PR) through one of the following pathway packages:

  1. Direct Permanent Resident (PR) visa
  2. Job Search Support (JSS), Work Permit (WP), and Permanent Resident (PR) visa
  3. Free college or university Search Support, Student Visa (SV), Open Work Permit (WP), Job Search Support (JSS), and Permanent Resident (PR) visa

Eligible Occupations:

Engineering and Construction Skilled Trades

  1. Agricultural Equipment Technician
  2. Appliance Service Technician
  3. Auto Body and Collision Technician / Motor Vehicle Body Repairer
  4. Automotive Service Technician
  5. Boilermaker
  6. Bricklayer
  7. Cabinetmaker
  8. Carpenter
  9. Concrete Finisher
  10. Construction Craft Worker
  11. Construction Electrician
  12. Crane Operator
  13. Drywall Finisher and Plasterer
  14. Industrial Electrician
  15. Electric Motor System Technician
  16. Floorcovering Installer
  17. Gasfitter
  18. Glazier
  19. Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (Heavy movers)
  20. Heavy Equipment Operator (Dozer, Excavator, Tractor-Loader-Backhoe)
  21. Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
  22. Instrumentation and Control Technician
  1. Insulator (Heat and Frost)
  2. Ironworker (Generalist, Reinforcing, Structural)
  3. Landscape Horticulturist
  4. Machinist
  5. Metal Fabricator (Fitter)
  6. Motorcycle Mechanic
  7. Painter and Decorator
  8. Parts Technician
  9. Plumber
  10. Vehicle Service Technician
  11. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
  12. Rig Technician
  13. Roofer
  14. Sheet Metal Worker
  15. Sprinkler Fitter
  16. Steamfitter/Pipefitter
  17. Tool and Die Maker
  18. Tower Crane Operator
  19. Truck and Transport Mechanic (Bus, Lorry etc)
  20. Tile setter
  21. Welder

F & B and Healthcare

  1. Cook and Chef
  2. Baker
  3. Butchers (Meat cutters)

Salary Expectation and Benefits:

  1. Approx. $ 5000 - 8000 per month ($25.00 – 40.00 / Hour) + OT (1.5 times hourly rate).
  2. You can bring your family to enjoy a new lifestyle. This includes your spouse who can also support your income by working and may earn a min of $2500 per month.
  3. Education is free for all children and you can save a minimum of $1000 per child.
  4. Medical cost are covered by the government, even for those people on Work Permits.

Important Note:

  1. Australian Skill exams for most occupations can be taken with online tools from anywhere. Some occupations may require flying to your own country or a nearby country. We will provide assistance and advise on the needed steps accordingly.
  2. Canadian Skill exams must be written in Canada and will require a tourist visa for attending the exam. Obtaining a tourist visa will require you to have a sponsor who is a Canadian & PR or Singaporean & PR or any friends or relatives. Those who hold high salaries may sponsor their own applications.


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