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This whole process involved a lot of our time, effort, prayers and money and undoubtedly a lot of stress and anxiety piled up within us at every stage. But the precise guidance and support given by Mr. Rj (MK) and lawyer Ms. Maryann melted our stress to at least less than half. Thanks to both of you & your team . Your encouragement and reviews played a great role in success of this process of the VISA on 13th SEP 2016

Rathi & Bose

RJ, Maryanne and the team from MK Group were thoroughly professional and dedicated throughout the application process. Their expertise has helped me tremendously in gaining PR status in Australia within 11 months of applying. This included a 5 month period in which all the documentation was completed and Skill assessment was approved, 1 week period within which the EOI was lodged and finally 6 month for the PR to be completely approved. I have no hesitation in promoting their services to people.


Hi Team, We have received the passports back today with the Visas stamped. So now we are all set for the Canada Dream. Thanks a lot for the support and guidance all along the way.. I will get in touch, if I need any guidance along the way for my landing. Please do assist us as always... Thanks Thomas


MKCS exhibited their expertise by ensuring that no stone was left unturned, to make my journey a great success. Once the relevant documents were produced, I witnessed quick processing. The skills assessment was completed in 2 weeks' time. Once lodged, I received the invitation for EOI in 3 weeks. My PR application was approved in 3 months. Assuredly fast, reliable and quality service from MKCS!


I thank you, your team Mk Migration and Ms Maryann

Victor Dela Cruz

Hi RJ/Maryann, Thanks a TON for the wonderful news. This is much awaiting result for our life time and this would be a new beginning. Thanks for being part of our life in supporting in each moment of the visa processing. Appreciate your kind support while at work or off work. I really value your feedback which helped me to become a successful Australian PR. I wish you and your organization to have many more such successful stories. I Wish to meet you (Maryann ) in person to thank. Thanks again!! Best Regards Satya and Family.

Satyanarayana Reddy

Abraham Asirpatham - Student VISA

Abraham Asirpatham - Student VISA